A watchful eye on tomorrow

As an entrepreneur, you have your hands full with the concerns of today. Making sure that everything is running smoothly. Keeping your clients and staff satisfied. And that means there is often very little time to think ahead. But foresight is the essence of being an entrepreneur. Knowing what tomorrow will bring so that you can run your business today.
So how well guarded against the future is your business? Retera De Natris Accountants help you to gain the foresight you need to conquer the future.

Forward-thinking. Trustworthy. Innovative.
Located in Valkenswaard, Retera De Natris Accountants has a team of 15 young, enthusiastic and ambitious professionals. Our working atmosphere may be informal, but we take our work very seriously indeed. Whatever we do, we do with the utmost of care – not only our daily work but also the way we build relationships. Our clients value our dedicated engagement, the fact that we think things through together, communicate clearly about numbers and trends and come up with creative solutions.

Our niche: creating relationships that sparkle
We believe that accountants need to be able to develop better-than-good relationships in order to achieve the best performance for their clients. And we believe that this is essential for our own work with small and medium-sized firms. We also support the entrepreneur in cross-border activities through out membership of AIPA, an international network of accounting firms.
We stand alongside the man or woman at the helm. Together, we keep a look out and plot a course, with a keen and critical eye. We fulfil our assignments meticulously and on time. What’s more, we provide an excellent sounding board and sparring partner for administrative, financial and tax affairs - the role that suits us best.

An Eye on Tomorrow
Accountants traditionally focus on what has happened in the past. That’s natural: it is vital to know how you have been doing. But it is even more important to know how you will be doing in the coming year. Is the business on a sound footing? Is its continuity assured? How will your business perform in the eyes of a financier?

Retera De Natris applies a fivefold package of instruments to monitor your business – lock, stock and barrel. The elements of this are regular management reports, an online reporting portal, forecasts, SRA benchmarks and ratings. In combination, these instruments provide a consistent insight into your current and future position. Working with you, we assess the value of your business by analysing the results of your sector and bank rating criteria. We then determine what needs to be done to take account of expected events and to bolster your rating.

Quality and expertise
As an SME entrepreneur, you have your hands full with the day-to-day running of the business. As specialist accountants, we keep an eye on the financial side of your business, day and night. To assure you of our ability to do this, we meet the strictest standards of the accounting sector – the Wta licence, SRA membership and the AIPA Quality Mark. We also have at our disposal a range of up-to-date ICT that will create a seamless connection to your financial processes.
Would you like to get acquainted with us? Just call Bart Retera or Mark de Natris on +31 40 20 70026.