Tax rules are constantly changing. As an entrepreneur, it is essential that you stay up-to-date on your company’s tax position. You needn’t worry, though. Our tax advisors keep a close eye on all tax developments. They interpret these developments for you and show you what the consequences will be for you and your enterprise. And, more importantly, you will be given pro-active advice on how to achieve the most tax beneficial position - in the Netherlands and abroad.

International taxation

  • Advice on International tax law
  • For companies operating internationally
  • Establishing and adjusting organisation structure
  • Carrying out tax procedures
  • Retera de Natris Accountants is member of IAPA, an international network of accounting firms. Through this we are able to give you the best tax advice whatever the jurisdiction

For more information, please contact Mark de Natris RA or Ewald de Groot, +31 40 20 70026.

Domestic taxation

  • For entrepreneurs and director/shareholders
  • Financial planning
  • Specialist legal advice and assistance in dealing with tax fines and tax investigation

For more information, please contact Bart Retera RA or Henk van der Kuijlen, +31 40 20 70026.